Makers of the Universe

Makers of the Universe, the creativity podcast
Duration: 45 minutes
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Series 1
Episode 14: Dan Boyles - The Magician Too Dangerous For TV, On The Craft Of Magic, Trickery & Illusions
Dan Boyles - the magician too dangerous for TV, on the craft of magic, trickery & illusions.
Series 1
Episode 13: Vince Kadlubek - Take A Trip Into The Psychedelic World Of Meow Wolf & Immersive Experienc‪e‬
Vince Kadlubek - Take a trip into the psychedelic world of Meow Wolf, and immersive experience
Series 1
Episode 12: Steve McDonald - A Journey Inside The LA Music Scene, With Cult Music Icons Redd Kros‪s‬
Steve McDonald - a journey inside the LA music scene, with cult music icons Redd Kross
Series 1
Episode 11: Neil Mullarkey - On The Comedy Store Players, Mike Myers & The Secrets Of Improv Comed‪y‬
Neil Mullarkey - On the Comedy Store Players, Mike Myers & the secrets of improv comedy
Series 1
Episode 10: Don Letts - When Reggae Met Punk Rock & The Clas‪h
Don Letts - when reggae met punk rock, & The Clash
Series 1
Episode 9: Jason Miller – Rock Photography, & Stories Of Shooting Gigs In The Pi‪t‬
Jason Miller – rock photography, & stories of shooting gigs in the pit
Series 1
Episode 8: Pip Jamieson - Creative Careers, & The Future Of Wor‪k
Pip Jamieson - creative careers, & the future of work
Series 1
Episode 7: Jane Savidge - Britpop Memoirs & The Art Of Music P‪R
Jane Savidge - Britpop memoirs, & the art of music PR
Series 1
Episode 6: Tommy Lee Edwards - From Comic Books To Comic-Con…& Beyon‪d‬
Tommy Lee Edwards - From comic books to Comic-Con…& beyond
Series 1
Episode 5: Brett Anderson – On Suede, Songwriting, Performing & Becoming An Autho‪r‬
Brett Anderson – On Suede, songwriting, performing & becoming an author
Series 1
Episode 4: Bruce Daisley – Eat, Sleep, Create, Repeat. Cracking The Code On Creativit‪y‬
Bruce Daisley – Eat, Sleep, Create, Repeat. Cracking the code on creativity
Series 1
Episode 3: Everett True – Music Journalism, With Nirvana, Kurt Cobain & Courtney Lov‪e‬
Everett True – music journalism, with Nirvana, Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love
Series 1
Episode 2: Sir John Hegarty - Stories In Advertising, & Lessons In Creative Thinkin‪g‬
Sir John Hegarty - stories in advertising, & lessons in creative thinking
Series 1
Episode 1: Lauren Child - The Secrets Behind Children’s Writing & Illustration‬
Lauren Child - the secrets behind children’s writing & illustration.