Anoint My Head

A special one-off podcast featuring the first three chapters from a new audio book set in pre-Britpop London. Includes music interludes from The Pointy birds plus some inter-song banter.
Duration: 60 minutes
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Series 1
Episode 1: ANOINT MY HEAD - How I Failed to Make it as a Britpop Indie Rockstar
Andy Macleod reads the first three chapters from his music memoir taking listeners on a humorous journey through Camden's early 90's music scene with his band The Pointy Birds as they battle it our with the likes of Suede, Blur, Pulp and Radiohead for indie-rock indie stardom. The story is interspersed with four previously unheard and unavailable Pointy Bird tracks and a bit of inter-book banter.

To read or listen to the full story in paperback, ebook or audio-book you can order from your digital platform of choice right here

Or you can visit the author website.

Series Synopsis:
It’s 1992 and Horace dreams of becoming a rockstar with his band the Pointy Birds. The only problem is that his day-job (mis)filing vinyl in a Soho record store is stealing all his time and energy, plus rival bands like Suede, Blur, Pulp and Radiohead are moving on to bigger and better things. But then someone called Ricky offers his services as a band manager and at last the dream can start.

Anoint My Head is the tale of a band who didn’t become rich, or famous but had a manager who did. It is also the story of a musical era, and documents the rise of some of the biggest British Britpop bands of the nineties, plus a comedian who went on to write quite a successful sitcom about a paper merchants in Slough.

A coming-of-age story about pursuing your dreams and what happens when reality gets in the way.

‘Captures the time and the aspirations of a young band brilliantly. A great eye-opener into the absurd thought process of what it might take to headline Glastonbury!' Steve Lamacq BBC 6 Music

‘You'll read this book in one or two sittings - it's pure pleasure. All the fun of youthful dreams and the poignancy of disappointment - plus a remarkable A-list cameo. Magnificent.’ Phil Harrison Time Out / Guardian

‘Hilarious warts-and-all story of a Britpop band whose big ambitions did not meet their talents’ Dan Carrier Camden New Journal

'Very good read. I read the book over the weekend. Some really good memories I had forgotten about. Great days. I hope it goes on to sell millions!' Saul Galpen Nude Records

'Super-evocative, proustian and a wonderful walk down memory lane’ Mark Bowen Wichita Recordings

'This heartwarmingly tatty 'Withnail & I'-tinged glance back at a time before innocent indie dreams were stolen by digital streams is a must read for every lockdowned soul pining for just one more chance to see another bunch of over-ambitious sonic terrorists preening themselves in an under-ventilated gigging sweatpit.' Simon Williams fierce panda records

"A healthy measure of Nick Hornby with a dash of Adrian Mole had he joined an indie band. Just the tonic for these serious and uncertain days. Bottoms up!' Josh Levay Pointy Birds keyboardist/naysayer