Brian & Roger

Brian and Roger met at a support meeting for divorced men. Both are starting again. Both are finding it hard. One of them is nice.
A sitcom podcast from Harry Peacock and Dan Skinner. Produced by Marc Haynes and Joel Morris.
Duration: 20 minutes
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Series 4
Episode 9: Monsieur Lapin
Roger takes up mime, whilst Brian needs lots of money fast to pay off a blackmailer.

Series 4
Episode 8: Major Tim
Brian makes one of Roger’s dreams come true when he gets to meet his idol Major Tim Peake.

Series 4
Episode 7: Jekyll and Hyde
Brian asks Roger if he’ll accompany him on a very personal trip whilst also asking him to try out some new hair removal cream.

Series 4
Episode 6: Shadow Dancer
Brian’s friend Lazlo is making a horror film with a major Hollywood star and wants to know if they can use Roger’s landlady’s house to get changed in.

Series 4
Episode 5: Chalky
Brian asks Roger to do him a big ‘favour' and Roger gets offered a dream job.

Series 4
Episode 4: Up Up And Away
Brian embarks on a very open minded relationship whilst Roger enters a competition and wins a balloon ride.

Series 4
Episode 3: A Terrible Shock
Brian and Roger go hunting for buried treasure and get a big surprise.

Series 4
Episode 2: Still Life
Roger gets an opportunity to explore his artistic side after Brian gets him a job posing as a still life model.

Series 4
Episode 1: Dr Wu
Brian is suffering some unexpected side effects, so he asks Roger for advice.

Series 3
Episode 9: Kinetic Sand
Roger goes to Bogata to drop something off for Brian.

Series 3
Episode 8: Stella
Brian falls dangerously in love.

Series 3
Episode 7: For Better For Worse
Brian asks Roger if he would consider getting married again.

Series 3
Episode 6: Goodnight Sweet Prince (Part 2 of 2)
Roger takes part in the endurance event.

Series 3
Episode 5: Goodnight Sweet Prince (Part 1 of 2)
Brian becomes Roger’s coach for an endurance event in Siberia.

Series 3
Episode 4: Giraffe
Roger asks Brian if he will come and meet his parents.

Series 3
Episode 3: The Birds and The Bees
Roger lends Brian his laptop computer for work.

Series 3
Episode 2: Cyborg
Brian and Roger attend a tech fair in Azerbaijan.

Series 3
Episode 1: Oh Sienna
Roger gets a pet whilst Brian persuades him to have some minor surgery.

Series 2
Episode 12: Roger's Finger
Brian and Roger are going to Eurovision.

Series 2
Episode 11: Indecent Proposal
Brain has told a potential investor that Roger is his driver and provided him with a hat.

Series 2
Episode 10: Norwegian Lullaby
Brian asks for Roger's help with a contact in Scandinavia.

Series 2
Episode 9: Wegatta Alwight
Brian wants Roger to help entertain some foreign guests with very specific tastes.

Series 2
Episode 8: Eye of the Cobra
Roger has good news about his and Brian's application to go on Pointless.

Series 2
Episode 7: Auntie Leslie
Roger is recovering in Lowestoft.

Series 2
Episode 6: Pink Toothbrush
Brian has designs on some intellectual property.

Series 2
Episode 5: The Cow
Brian wants to get away from it all.

Series 2
Episode 4: Welcome To London
Brian wants to show his visiting guests a good time, so he asks a favour of Roger.

Series 2
Episode 3: Cosmic Gizmo
Brian encourages Roger to take a gamble, insisting this time he can't lose.

Series 2
Episode 2: Mr Francois Hougard
Roger's life is looking up until he attracts a mysterious new nemesis.

Series 2
Episode 1: An Evening With Aggers
Roger wants to meet the cricket commentator Jonathan Agnew.

Series 1
Episode 10: Bicycle Thief
Roger needs some transport.

Series 1
Episode 9: 51 Seconds
Brian hopes Roger has practiced enough for the big day.

Series 1
Episode 8: Carol Kirkwood
Brian has had his dream about Carol Kirkwood again.

Series 1
Episode 7: Jesus Christ Superstar
Roger becomes involved with the church.

Series 1
Episode 6: The Legend of Grimaldi
Brian has read a book on the clown Joseph Grimaldi.

Series 1
Episode 5: Karaoke
Roger suggests going to a Karaoke night.

Series 1
Episode 4: Trapped In The Flat
One of Brian's young flatmates has a funny turn. Can Roger help out?

Series 1
Episode 3: Fight
Roger wants to get in shape and Brian suggests boxing.

Series 1
Episode 2: Date
Roger has a date but first he needs to borrow some clothes and shoes from Brian.

Series 1
Episode 1: Clinical Trials
Brian has a money making idea.

Series Synopsis:
Brian and Roger met at a support meeting for divorced men.

Both are starting again.

Both are finding it hard.

One of them is nice.

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