Golden Ears

A new sitcom-podcast set in the grassroots of the UK music industry featuring a dad-manager, a toilet venue and dog called Memphis.
Duration: 30 minutes
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Series Synopsis:

Golden Ears is serialised as a monthly podcast and includes songs and animation along the way. The narrative follows the ups and downs of dad-manager Neil Sparks, a 49 year old travel agent who decides to manage his unemployable son dorian's band who may or may not accidentally record a hit!

Series set up

Recently widowed Neil Sparks has a dead-end office job in a travel agency and lives alone with his 26 year old unemployable son Dorian who spends all his days working on the debut album which he thinks will make him famous. Realising that his son's band has reignited memories of his own forgotten dreams of becoming a successful musician, Neil comes up with a deal: Dorian can use his mother's savings to try and make it over the next six months after which he has to get a proper job. There is only one other condition: Neil has to be the manager, and what he says goes...